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Here at Lake Region, we believe that it is our job to train up the next generation of leaders in our youth. That is why we place such an importance on youth programs, and have multiple retreats, monthly events, and trips where your youngling can fully grow into what God has in store for them.

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Youth Programs

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So what do we have for you? We have an amazing youth group for high school aged kids, 14-18, where we work with them during what we believe is the most critical period of their development in Jesus. We have monthly hangout sessions, with tons of food and games, a few retreats per year, and an occasional extra-special trip to another state! We want to see you there! To find out when the soonest event is, text one our youth leaders today!

Ben (Youth Pastor): 218.849.7441
Karri (Youth Leader): 218.204.1343
Tovin (Youth Worship Leader): 218.841.5586